Farm ground Terry and Homer checking out the soon to be hay field.

In order to diversify some of our dairy risk, in November 2007 Dyecrest started buying farm ground in the Torrington Wyoming area.  This is a small valley in southeastern Wyoming near the Nebraska border.  I have bought most of my dairy hay in that area for many years.  It has great soils, lots of water and with an elevation of 4000 feet produces excellent quality alfalfa hay.  Torrington is only 125 miles from Dyecrest Dairy so the haul is not exorbitant.

The farms are owned by Dyecrest Farms LLC which is a Wyoming LLC.   

Dyecrest Farms LLC currently owns 1700 total acres in Goshen County, WY. with 1471 irrigated.  670 acres border the City of Torrington on the north and highway 85 on the west.  The other farms are located off of highway 26 between Torrington and Lingle.

Dyecrest Farms has been an excellent investment for Dyecrest Dairy.

Dyecrest Farms, LLC


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