We only milk our "do not breeds" from Dyecrest at Dyelands.  Groups of 24 cows are moved to Dyelands from Dyecrest as Dyecrest has extra cows.  The lowest producing Dyelands cows are then sold for beef as needed to keep numbers at 400 milking.

About 200 steers (at 200-400 lbs.) are fed at Dyelands to use the weighback from the milk cows.

Dyelands has proven to be a nice addition to Dyecrest.

Our commodity shed (pictured above) holds Canola, Hominy, Flaked Corn, Soybean meal, Lactate Mineral, Cottonseed, Hay, Wet Distillers Grain, Corn Silage and Soy Best.  

Dyelands is strickly a "cow milking" operation.  It milks 407 cows 3X/day with a rolling herd average of 28,280# milk, 1207# fat and 964# protein. Dyelands is second only to Dyecrest for production in Colorado.  There is one milker per eight hour shift with the same 3 days on and one day off that Dyecrest utilizes.  

Pictured to the left is Pete Rios, Dyelands Dairy Farm Manager.

Dyelands Dairy LLC is Dyecrest Dairy's newest venture.  This small dairy was purchased in July 2011 from Erin Barkey and is named after the little dairy that Terry grew up on south of West Winfield, New York.   
Pictured to the right is our holding pen.

Dyelands is only three miles south-east of Dyecrest.  It is an open-lot dairy on 55 acres with a Double-6 Bou-Matic parlor.  There is corral space for 400 milking cows with permanent shades, one nice farm house and a very large commodity shed.

Since the purchase we have installed a new 8,000 gallon bulk milk tank so milk can be picked up every other day with a Quad-trailer.  The original 2,000 gallon bulk tank has been retained to milk into while the big tank is being emptied and washed.  The holding pen has been enlarged to hold 100 cows and a new Vandenburg crowd gate installed.  There is also a new special needs pen and treatment 

Dyelands Dairy, LLC

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