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A healthy baby calf

 Since Dyecrest is a 100% registered herd; genetics are extra important and all animals are bred A. I.  For over 46 years we have used the best genetics available.  Our selection criteria is

over 750 NM$
over 60 lbs protein
over 1000 lbs milk.  

Note on dam of Sanford. Still milking on her 6th lactation with over 32,000.  Lifetime over 200,000.

The next two dams - both Dyecrest cows were both over 40,000# of milk.


Currently holds the 4th place position for highest protein in the nation.  Dyecrest has never used BST on any of the herd.
2-08  3X  365D  45660M
102DCRM 3.9%F  1788F  3.3%P
1524P  100DCRC  Sr 2 Yr  3X  365D

Dyecrest Dairy was recently honored by having one of the highest lifetime producing cows in the last decade.

The Holstein Association USA database shows that there are 2100 Holstein cows from Jan 1, 2012 to Mar 30,2013 that have produced over 200,000 pounds of milk lifetime.  45 of these cows have produced over 240,000 pounds of milk and higher.




Holds the second position on the list.  . DOB 7/8/03 260,020 pounds lifetime milk, 9,054 lifetime fat with a classification score of 86. Mia is a Mr. Ships out of Dyecrest Demand More 6545. Mia is the dam of 3 Sharky Daughters. Mia 10876 5-4 365 44050 1704 F 1342 P Mia 10857 5-8 365 43740 1678 F 1032 P Mia 10882 5-5 365 48280 1878 F 1487 P




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